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Injoy browsing Wholistix photo album - special guests, store helpers, practitioners and events -- Updating in progress for 2018 -- lots in the magical mix!  

Wholistix Wellness Shoppe for Body, Mind and Spirit Located At Red Deer, Alberta Canada

A Grateful Thank You Everyone! for being a part of creating Wholistix while sharing the magic "Life" ... We all are a vibrant, beautiful bunch! ... Blessings to Everyone -- peace joy health happiness prosperity love harmony wholesome sparkles magic LIFE!
( Image Of Niece, Jade and me, Elizabeth 2011 -- Baby Pic is Granddaughter, Athena and me, Elizabeth 2017 )  

Dieter Braun visits Red Deer, Alberta at Wholistix Wellness Shoppe .. In Store drumming circle .. most magical energy! .. copyrights Wholistix and Dieter Braun 2011Dieter Braun ... Indian In The Machine 
A magical kindred-spirit friend, from Saskatoon, Canada, visits Red Deer, Alberta December 2011. Dieter, known as the "Galactic Medicine Man" shares his gifts of musical / vocal recording artist, drummer / flute player, native american hand drum maker, natural health teacher, energy healer / guide. ... Dieter's visit at Wholistix included evening drum circles, ionic foot detox bath and knowledge, healing energy sessions. Thank you Dieter for all your beautiful, enthusiastic energy and knowledge ... Tribal drumming energy was most excellent!! .. We look forward to your next visit ... Keep on shining / sharing your colorful love and light ... Blissful, Magical Blessings! 

Dieter Braun, Galactic Medicine Man, Copyrights of Wholistix and Dieter Braun 2012
Dieter Braun has lived in Equador, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, sharing and exchanging his gifts with many like-minded beings. During his visit at Red Deer he will guide unique drumming circles and drum-making workshops at Wholistix March 2012 and on ... More new creations are in progress .. Stay tuned for more! 

Dieter Braun Drummer, Len Weiss Didgeredoo at Wholistix CD Release Celebration Of Len Weiss, Red Deer's local music artist..
Len Weiss of Red Deer, CD "The I AM Journey" Release Celebration Party 
at Wholistix, complimented with drummer, Dieter Braun. ... Len is Red Deer's local recording artist, sharing his talented gifts of didgeredoo and flute music, didgeredoo maker and teacher.This event was most magical during the festive season December 2011 ... a time to celebrate peace, happiness and living with joy. .. Thank you Len for all your beautiful energy and great wisdom! -- it's such an honor to connect with brilliant energies such as yourself and Shirley, your partner ... Look forward to another celebration during 2012 at Wholistix! 

Tony Redhouse Visits Red Deer, Alberta Canada 2011 at Wholistix Wellness Shoppe ... Copyrights Tony Redhouse
Tony Redhouse from Tucson Arizona is a remarkable talented being, native american navajo, sharing his gifts of recording musical artist, drummer / flutist, sound healer and inspirational speaker. Tony's first visit to Canada! was a perfectly divine alignment! -- "Redhouse Visits Red Deer" sponsored by Wholistix 

Redhouse's Red Deer 2011 visit included in-store mini-music concert and CD signing, private meditation healing sessions, Eagle hoop dance, and drumming cirlce gathering at Fort Normandaeu with an attendance of over 150 participants! ... Thank you Tony for your desire to connect and share ... Your "double gemini" energy creates enjoyable magical moments! ... We look forward to you visiting again and your new CD "Yoga Meditation" ... Brilliant Blessings! 

Image Of 2011 Drum Gathering / Group Meditation Along The Red Deer River ( Fort Normandeau ) with attendance of over 200 brilliantly joyful, playful souls... Sharing each others magicall spark of life .... Thank you and blessings of living this ultimate life! 

Tony Redhouse Visits Red Deer, Alberta Canada 2011 Drumming Circle / Concert At Fort Normandeau Sponsored By Wholistix Wellness Shoppe ... Copyrights Tony Redhouse 2011 ...

Tony Redhouse Visits Red Deer, Alberta Canada 2011 at Wholistix Wellness Shoppe ... Copyrights Tony Redhouse

Matt Venuti Sharing The Hand Drum Magic At Wholistix Wellness Shoppe, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Matt Venuti -- musician/artist of the "Hang Drum" ... Evening Of Magical Sound Energy. 2012 

Linda Star Wolf -- Founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Located North Carolina, USA -- Author And Visionary Guide for Shamanic Breath Workshops and Retreat .. Book Signing And Evening Meditation With Linda and her partner Brad. Wholistix, Red Deer, Alberta 2012 
Fantastically magicall evening for everyone! ... Thank you and big blessings! Linda Star Wolf And Brad Share An Evening Of  Magic At Wholistix Wellness Shoppe, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Deb Suchy Book Signing, Local Writer at Wholistix, Red Deer

Deb Suchy -- local author of "Bellowed Whispers" -- Book Signing 2011 ... Thank you Deb for being and sharing the magic ... Lotsa wholesome joyfull energy! 

Paul Elder, Through The Eyes Of An Angel, Author And Remote Viewing Instructor At Monroe Institute

Paul Elder -- Canadian author "Eyes Of An Angel" .. Book Signing and Evening Chat ( Remote Viewing Instructor at Monroe Institute -- Virginia, U.S.A ). 2012 

It Is A Magicall Honour To Be Part of KRYON Events Here At Red Deer, With Wholistix Supplying Lee Carroll's Kryon Books During Lectures / Live Channelings. Thank you Lee and all other participants for being and sharing the bigg Magic! 

Kryon Books Available For Purchase At Wholistix Wellness Shoppe -- Red Deer, Alberta 

>> Click Here To Visit Kryon's Website For More Info 



owner/Operator Elizabeth ( Beth ) Whipple and Financial Supporter / Nuturer Bill Whipple ( Father )

Co-creator Of Wholistix, Elizabeth ( Beth ) Whipple, and financial supporter / nurturer of Wholistix, business owner of Delburne Foundry, Bill Whipple ( Father ) ... Thank you Dad! for believing "all things are possible" and for your wise words -- "for a successful business to survive, you require "passion and enthusiastic energy" and Beth, my dear, you've got it!" ...I am soo honored to align with such beautiful life experiences via Wholistix .. my cup over-floweth with joyful tears of gratitude ---   Namaste!

( Pic Taken In Wholesome Woods Of Western Alberta -- 2011 ) 

Family of Wholistix doing last minute repairs for Tony Redhouse Eagle Hoop Dance 2011

A big thank you to my beautiful daughters, Jennifer, Rebecca and Heather for all their support, understanding and energetic input with Wholistix and for helping here at Tony Redhouse Eagle Hoop Dance and Drumming Circle, Summer 2011 as they tend to last minute hoop repairs .. Tony was extremely grateful and really appreciated their assistance with this long over-due task .. Top it off, by 3 beautiful gals! ... 

Beth at Fort Normandeau 2011

Me ( Elizabeth 2011 ) .. I am wholefully able to be one with the sacred buffalo drum energy ... it's full circle magicAll! ... Now , I just require to get my "four directions" happening, and then I'll be a well "balanced" double airy libra and water tiger! :) 

... Along with joyfull gratitude, I thank Rob Turner ( reiki master, drummer and friend) for all his beautiful energy and for guiding me with my first enchanting "drumming" out west in the wild, Alberta woods. 

A Biggie Whopper Thank You Everyone! heart
For your participation in creating Wholistix to be a magical community hub for sharing and embracing one another's beautiful energy -- which is the whole sparkling web that we are -- while reminding one another that "we are the one's we've been waiting for" ( Hopi wisdom ) ... living life to our full potential, creating whatever we desire to experience! ... living life with joy, peace, happiness and magic for all! ... I am honored to be a part of the whole wild beautiful bunch of "us all" ( you all know who I mean -- Yes, You!   ... Brilliant Blessings. ... Beth 


We're Crafting Up 2018 / 2019 Magical Manifestations TBA Soon!

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