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Quartz Crystal Energy Amplifier

weight:0.20 KG
PRICE: $ 24.95
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Tune-in to higher vibrations! for balancing and healing the chakras and auric energy field; enhancing meditative and dream states; and activating your extra-sensory perception.

This extra-ordinary, sacred geometry crystal is super-charged with singing crystal bowl, earth, solar and lunar energy, here at Wholistix, in rural Alberta ...
Home of Canada's largest! Crop Circle ... hmm ...

Sacred Geometry is universal language that penetrates and communicates to our body, mind and spirit on a subconscious, conscious and supraconscious level. The hexagon shape of this crystal is one of the platonic solids ( also known as sacred geometry ) that has a powerful life-force energy frequency.
The special etched-design of six-pointed star visibly displays the two inter-connecting triangles -- signifying an ancient wisdom "as above, so below" (physical and non-physical merge as one)

Noted as solidified light, pure quartz crystal symbolizes the alpha and omega of creation, and is considered to be a time keeper of all universal knowledge.

The most abundant natural resource on the face of this planet, natural quartz crystal is composed of silicon dioxide, and is used in modern technology for computer-chip information storage, communication transmission, medical laser technology, and as an oscillator in watches and clocks; to name a few purposes.

Jewelry pouch for gift giving.

Grade-A clarity. Average width size is 1.7"-2" or 4.5-5 cms.

PLEASE NOTE: minimal variations of size and clarity do occur with each crystal.

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