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Bio-Magnetic Energy Deficiency


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More and more, people are experiencing low energy levels, energy related health problems … bio-energy stress. Why is this? What is happening to our bio-energy systems? Are we energetically misaligned? … electromagnetic beings, spinning out of balance? How do we cope with this bio-energetic mishap?

There are various explanations for the crazy-like changes going on; however, on an energetic level, some scientists and health doctors are focusing on Magnetic Field Deficiency of the human body. Our body’s own electromagnetic fields are depleted, impaired, and off balance, resulting in a host of maladies. 

The following are three variables that are interconnected and responsible for the development of Magnetic Field Deficiency: 

External Man Made Environment – Alternating current (AC) technology, such as radio, radar, household appliances, power lines and other sources are producing excessive amounts of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This electric pollution disrupts our natural bio-energy system and blocks our absorption of Earth’s magnetic energy. Positive-charged energy (EMF / EMR) creates havoc with our DNA, cell division, nervous system, moods and energy vitality. 

External Natural Environment – Disruption of the Earth’s magnetic energy field, due to man made electric smog, as well as, heightened electromagnetic solar storms. Apart from man made energy, the intense solar flares are a natural-occurring energy cycle. As I have mentioned in other articles, we are in a sun cycle – completion date is near 2012. Modern technology is able to observe and understand sun cycle activity. Consequently, the Sun (Ra) is the ‘top-dog’ when it comes to Earth’s geomagnetic energy condition. Some of you readers may want to investigate “Pole shift” and “Solar flares”.  

Internal Human Environment - Consumption of dead food (low vital energy), along with negative or nonproductive thoughts and emotions (low mind energy) contribute to stagnant energy flow, hence, strained bio-electromagnetism. Keep in mind, our bio-energy requires Earth’s magnetism, and that all external energy affects us. 

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