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Chakras are energy centres, through which energy flows within and around our body. In Sanskrit the word "Chakra" (shock-ras) means "wheel" -- the life force energy in motion. This subtle (invisible) energy is often seen or shown as spinning vortices similar to a spinning wheel - an oscillating disc.
Chakras are considered to act as energetic gateways between the higher planes of existence and the physical plane that we perceive ... 'gateways to the soul'. From these 'gates' energy is distributed throughout the body in a system of pathways called Nadis in Sanskrit. The Chakras are created, like Earth's Ley Lines, at the points where these lines cross and meet. The differentiation between a major and minor Chakra is made by how many and how major these Nadis that cross and meet are. Obviously, the more that meet, and the bigger they are, the more major the Chakra is. 

Every Chakra is connected to different elements of our emotions and actions, and each is related to a specific part of our biological anatomy. Major chakras are allocated a specific color from the light spectrum, depending on it's vibrational energy frequency. For instance, blue and violet-purple colors are energies that oscillate at a frequency rate much faster than the red and orange colors. As a rule of thumb -- rule of chakras! if you wish to expand your consciousness and explore multidimensional levels, use blue and violet-purple colors, gemstones ... etc. If you wish to be grounded and more constructive in the physical realm, use red and orange colors. 

The Seven Major Chakras:

1st Chakra is the base or Root Chakra
Located at the base of the spine, this chakra absorbs energy from Earth, and is the energy center of vitality, physical energy, and self-preservation. It is here that manifestation -- the will to live and remain connected or 'rooted' to the Earth plane from day to day is activated and strengthened. The Root Chakra is regarded as the storage center for Kundalini. Symbolized by a coiled serpent, the Kundalini is the creative energy force of manifestations which assists in the alignment of the chakras, the release of stored stress from the body, and the expansion of consciousness into higher dimensional energy levels -- spiritual levels. 
This chakra energy governs the kidneys, adrenal glands and the spinal column in the physical body.  
Colors: red (representing warmth and stimulation, strength, self-power, and confident passion for life) and black (grounding and ability to absorb). For Chakra healing and support, try gemstone therapy using natural Earth
Gemstones: garnet, hematite, black tourmaline, red jasper, onyx, ruby, snowflake obsidian, smokey quartz, bloodstone.  
If energy flows freely through this chakra, one will feel a deep connection to nature.
Element: Earth
Essential oils: patchouli and cypress

2nd Chakra is the Sacral Chakra
Located just below the navel. This Chakra is energy of desire, ambition, creativity and sexuality. Both chakras, 1 and 2, are classified as physiological in nature. They are related to the basic processes of absorption, assimulation, excretion and reproduction. Development of body, mind and spirit integration is depended upon mastering "earthier" issues -- primal issues: groundedness, connection to Earth, sexuality and survival instincts. Known as the Chakra of health, the second chakra is attuned to the emotions and thoughts concerning wellness. 
Color: orange. Orange represents warmth and positivity, nourishment and circulation.
For Chakra healing and support, try gemstone therapy using natural Earth
Gemstones: for chakra energy healing are carnelian, orange calcite, orange beryl.  
Element: Water
Essential oils: clary sage, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, rose and jasmine.

3rd Chakra is the Solar Plexus 
Located at the solar plexus area, the upper stomach area near the sternum. It's name means 'seat of the soul' or 'inner sun'. This energy center is for personal development, individuation, feeling. The golden rule for maintaining a healthy solar plexus is having the ability to digest, assimulate, and absorb life experiences. The solar plexus is all about Balance ... Harmony!  
When energy flows freely through this chakra, one feels inner peace. Blockages will create a sense of discontent and restlessness. 
Color: yellow. Yellow represents new energy and intelligence.
For Chakra healing and support, try gemstone therapy using natural Earth
Gemstones: tiger's eye, citrine, yellow calcite, topaz, amber, pyrite, yellow tourmaline. 
Element: Fire 
Essential oils: rosemary, juniper, geranium, ginger, pepper, peppermint.

4th Chakra is the Heart Chakra 
Located at the center of the chest, it is the energy center for compassion and forgiveness, group consciousness and love: the ability to love others and yourself. It governs the heart, ciculatory and respiratory systems, thymus and immune gland. The one whose heart chakra is active and healthy radiates joy and friendliness; is considerate of others and has a highly developed sense of empathy. 'Unconditional Love' is the key to the heart chakra!  
Color: Green. The calming vibrations of the green spectrum are the best healing agents for the nervous system. Vibrational energy healing with green is used to harmonize, detoxify and regenerate; inner peace and strengthens the will to live.
For Chakra healing and support, try gemstone therapy using natural Earth
Gemstones: (for the heart chakra, sometimes both green and rose pink are used) For Green: aventurine, jade, fluorite, malachite, emerald, tourmaline. For Rose Pink: rose quartz, ruby, rhodonite.
Element: Air  
Essentail oils: rose, florals, jasmine, mimosa, marigold.

5th Chakra is the Throat Chakra
Located at the neck, the center as the area of the throat above the collar bone. It is the center of communication; self-expression via thought, speech and writing. This chakra energy will 'speak your will'! It governs the thyroid gland, bronchial passage, vocal cords, throat, nose and ear.
When energy flows freely through this Chakra, one will be more open to new experiences and more able to express themselves and their beliefs.  
Color: Blue. The vibratory energy of blue is cool, calming and healing.
For Chakra healing and support, try gemstone therapy using natural Earth
Gemstones: used for chakra energy healing are Lapis lazuli, blue quartz, celestine, turquoise, aquamarine, amazonite, chrysocolla, opal. 
Element: Ether
Essentail oils: sandalwood, chamomile, frankincense.

6th Chakra is the Brow Chakra -- Third Eye
The forehead chakra is known as the third eye ... a Magical chakra! Located centered between the eyes, it is here where we see, not with our everyday physical eyes, but rather, with our mind vision. The third eye chakra is an energy center of physic power, higher intuition and wisdom, the energies of the spirit, multidimensional realities, magnetic forces, and light. When activated and clear, the 6th chakra is the center for outside guidance and the intuitive "aha". Through the third eye -- 'the eye of the beholder', an energetic membrane ( known as the "veil") becomes permeable enough so that the mind-spirit may travel as far or/ as high as one wishes to go! ... fly! 
Color: Indigo (dark blue-purple) is the color of mysteries, magic and mysticism. 
For Chakra healing and support, try gemstone therapy using natural Earth
Gemstones: sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite, azurite, jet, quartz crystal, celestite, magnetite, amethyst.
Element: dark and light. 
Essential oils: sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon.

7th Chakra is the Crown Chakra
Located at the top of the head region, the crown. It is the center of liberation and enlightenment, spirituality, dynamic comprehension, and multidimensional energy.The seventh chakra is especially activated when the individual is attuned toward inner searching 'soul search' for the ultimate meaning of life, and, during the practice of meditation and spiritual seeking. The crown chakra is considered a receptive energy center that receives Celestial energy. When activated, this chakra energy creates a blissful state of enlightenment or awakening "I Am". At this vibratory level of consciousness, body, mind and spirit merge as one ... 'OM' is experienced here. Body, Mind and Spirit transformation occurs.
Color: 3 colors are associated with this chakra. Violet, the color with the highest vibrational energy frequency; gold, the light of the life force; and white, the color of purest and highest intelligence.
For Chakra healing and support, try gemstone and quartz crystal therapy using natural Earth
Gemstones and quartz crystals: amethyst, quartz crystal, sugilite, diamonds, violet fluorite, selenite, celestite.
Element: Pure Spirit
Essentail oils: lavender, valerian, bay laurel

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