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Crop Circle Energy

Updating Now In Progress For Fall 2020 -- Im Really Enthused To Ellaborate On This Magical "Close Encounter, Close To Home" Event ... Elizabeth smiley

Crop Circles are fascinating, creative, and energetic formations bound to excite any open-minded individual who explores the limitless possibilities of pure, natural Energy.

Energetically speaking, Crop Circles are made with electromagnetic energy. Like a gardener who plants seeds for a harvest, the Crop Circle 'Gardeners' plant energetic symbols which are Universal symbolic language, as well as energetic grid points, energy generators, and balancing implants (similar to lead weights used for balancing tires on a vehicle).

As the Earth continues its geomagnetic energy shift; mainly influenced by the Sun's increased electromagnetic activity, Earth's geomagnetic energy field is weakening, resulting many great changes for Earth itself, living creatures, you and me. There is concern that Earth is headed for a magnetic pole shift, causing catastrophic effects. Fortunately, and as a witness, I can assure you readers that we are not alone regarding this concern. Evidently, Earth is being observed and tended to like a 'garden in full bloom' ... The Who, How and Why? are limitless ... 

On an energetic level many individuals experience an energy 'high' when they visit a Crop Circle formation. The vibrational energy residue of a formation has a very fine (high) vibration. Meditation gurus, monks and shamans seek to achieve a high vibrational energy state for kundalini energy activation, extra-sensory abilities, balance, healing, transformation and enlightenment. 

Enlightened and to report, Canada discovered its LARGEST Crop Circle formation located in central Alberta (Red Deer) during September of 2001. Spanning a width of 422 feet (128.6 m), created as a perfect geometrical hexagon shape (6 pointed star). This formation is known as the Star of Davidcrop circle. Although the Star of David is considered as a Judaism symbol; this geometrical signature has a Universal history much older than our known ancient tellings. 
Coincidently, this formation was located 15 minutes worth a drive from my home residence ... hmm ... I have arrived at knowing that there are no coincidences!  

May you explore, discover and experience the magical energy of Crop Circles and Sacred Sites nearest to you! 

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