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Earth's Energy Shift


“Shift” appears to be the buzz word lately, whether in reference to the Earth’s bizarre weather patterns; the magnetic pole drifting to Siberia; increased Solar flare activity; northern lights appearing in Alabama; volcanic and plate tectonic activity; irregular animal migration patterns; and lastly, the Human body itself.
Most noticeable human shifting includes the alarmingly frequent occurring nervous system disorders; increasing incidents of unexplained phenomena; and extra-sensory development.
Strangely, almost as if there’s something in the air, a heightened intensity of emotions is being felt and people are embracing “know thyself” and “above all else be true to thyself” philosophy.
Apparently, there’s a whole lot of shiftin going on. 
Evidently, there’s an electromagnetic energy surge/shift now underway. 

Electromagnetism – it’s the stuff that drove Einstein a bit nuttier and the same stuff that the late Dr. Tesla created free energy from. It’s the stuff that when the Sun emits more electromagnetic radiation, the Earth’s geomagnetic field, iron-based inner core, and its frequency rate are altered. This energy alteration affects all creatures, and yes, even our body’s natural electro-magnetic field.
Consequently, within the Universe, if one energetic member shifts, all the others are likely to follow - like a domino effect - Earth, Sun, You, Me and everything else. 
It makes you wonder 'who or what' is the Energetic Member that is affecting “Ra”, "Sole", "Kin" ... "the Sun"? 

Without a doubt, we are in a spectacular and peculiar time of great change. A time when old wisdom merges with modern knowledge, exposing the basic mechanics of creation -- electromagnetism. 
The ancient Mayan’s were wizards of time and numerology. Their calendar reveals an important time (1999 – 2012) when the last 13 baktuns (Mayan years) cycle of the Sun’s larger cycle is complete.
In the meantime, with a starting date of 1999 thru now, our modern technology NASA, amongst other Geo and Astrophysics intelligences, observe the Sun with a watchful and astonished eye as our Solar System leader “the Sun”, displays an intense and rather abnormal fiery and explosive behavior.
Currently, ( 2005 )  we are in the half-way point of this Sun cycle, meaning a whole lot of shifting is most likely yet to come ... affecting Earth and Everyone. 
Listed below are a few helpful suggestions for preparing your body-mind-spirit for energy surges and shifts.


Electromagnetic Shift Tips:

Be in Touch with Earth’s Core Energy Vibration: 
Whether it’s walking barefoot (no plastics please!), or sitting or lying on the Earth’s natural floor. Connecting to Earth's vibrational energy of 7.8 cps frequency, creates a natural energy-current flow that supports your bio-energy system; enhances activation of 'all' senses; and quickens the body, mind and spirit transformation process ... kundalini activation, to mention a few.

Stretch your Body and Feel the Internal Vibrational Energy:
Try this by standing up right with you feet on the floor. Now lean over and touch the floor with both hands grounded. Hold a position that creates your body to shake or vibrate. Rearrange different positions to enhance vibrational energy flow in certain areas of the body.
By doing this you are creating a synergistic nerve conduction, allowing your bio-energy to flow more freely and efficiently, thus, preparing the body for easier adjustment in energy surges and shifts.

Support and Enhance Your Body’s Equilibrium:
During an event of electromagnetic shifting, physical symptoms are known to occur. These may include vertigo, nausea, anxiety, tingling (zing) of moving energy throughout body, changes in energy level or changes in auditory and other sensory functioning. 
We need to stimulate and strengthen our sensory systems in order to improve our adaptability to vibrational energy surges/shifts.
Here is an easy exercise:
Stand up-right and spin your body in a left (counter clockwise) direction for a few spins and then pause a moment. Repeat the spin in the opposite direction (clockwise).
This practice of sensory recalibration is most helpful for the auditorial (sense of balance) region. Changes in air pressure -- sonic energy waves, etc, are likely to throw off your body's balance mechanism.

Use Natural Salts and Baking Soda
in your bath for detoxifying the body, grounding and stabilizing your energy field. 
Salt and soda creates a negative ionic atmosphere, thus drawing toxins from the pores and balancing excessive positive charge.

Drink and Eat Electrolytes
(natural form sodium, potassium, calcium). Everything in our body, especially optimal nerve transmission, operates with electrolytes.

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