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Meditation Tips



More and more, people are adopting Meditation as a form of Relaxation, Health and Wellness complementary; an essential tool for Energy work, Chakra balancing, Kundalini activation, Extrasensory enhancement, and for Exploring the power of the Mind ... Universal knowledge. It's no secret that meditation is a key ingredient for Body, Mind and Spirit wholeness and wellness. 

Research has proven that during meditation, beta state (brainwave pattern during waking state of consciousness) alter to alpha state ( relaxation and calmness), lowering blood pressure; producing better mind clarity and concentration ability; generating a sense of wellness / wellbeing. During meditation, both brain hemispheres synchronize to a pattern of wholeness. When coupled with visualization and intention, meditation provides great benefits, which are endless!

Relaxation and silence is the key! You do not have to sit in an awkward position to achieve a meditative state. The main thing is to be comfortable (without falling asleep) and rid yourself from any external distractions. Take the phone off the hook and be in silence. The reason for this is simple. When in an altered state of consciousness you will develop what is termed as 'hyperaethesia'. You become highly sensitive! Therefore, if the phone rings, you will be suddenly alarmed to the point where it can be uncomfortable, even painful.


Achieving a successful meditation does take some discipline and focus ... practice makes perfect! Most people enjoy meditation not only for wellness, but also for creating or manifesting their own reality with inner reflection and visualization techniques. This is all about the limitless power of mind energy ... 'Energy follows thought'. With this in mind, directing our intentions and affirmations towards what we wish to see or be in the Now, will surely produce manifestation sooner or later. So, if you wish for health, then visualize / imagine, seeing yourself happy and moving freely. If you wish for more money, then see yourself with your hands open to receive an abundant supply. With visualization, keep in mind that when all the senses: smell, touch, hear and emotion are stimulated, creative energy flow is more real and potent, thus powerful for achieving your desired goals.

Grounding & Increasing Vibrational Energy Flow 

This is a simple and most rewarding meditation 'kick-start' using self-guided visualization and other sensory energy:

Get yourself comfy with a blanket and relax your body by taking in a few deep and slow breaths, and then return to normal breathing. Close your eyes and allow calmness of the body and mind. Remove external distractions from your thoughts and clear your mind.

Now using mental imagery (mind vision) see and feel golden (color of your choice) roots reaching out from your toes and moving down into the Earth's ground. Visualize your roots travelling deeper, down into the Earth's sand and rock etc. Visualize and feel your roots wrapping around brilliantly colored gemstones and crystals, gold and silver minerals. 
Your roots keep travelling deeper and deeper into the Earth's core where there is warm, yellow, orange and red, alive molten. Let your roots absorb this warmth and color energy. Now, this energy begins to Slowly travel upwards through your roots, higher and higher, until it reaches your toes. Allow yourself a moment to feel/sense the warmth and colors energy. 

With the power of your mind, you will now draw this energy slowly into your toes .. take a moment here and allow or create the sensation to be Felt. Now carry onwards with this warm life force energy movement (all colors can be incorporated or whatever color/s comes to you the most). Visualize this energy moving upwards throughout your body. If you are aware of the main Chakra centers, then one by one open them and charge the spinning energy Chakras with this energy flow (warmth and colors). Carry onwards until you near the head region. Allow this energy movement to slowly fill your head cavity. 

Now focus on the 3rd eye chakra ( top of the bridge of your nose). Apply relaxed focusing here, and sense a strong energy penetration (pressure) on the 3rd eye area. Allow color to fill this region. (blue-purple tones here or whatever color is prominent to you).
While you are here at the 3rd eye area, allow the top of your head to feel as well.

At this level of visualization, you have drawn in powerful, extra energy supply to your whole being. Be with this. Allow yourself to be free of thought (no mind dialogue).
Now hold a blank mind state for as long as you can. If your mind wanders, this is fine, just slowly guide yourself back to the void - nothingness. 
Being in the nothingness, generates a balanced energy flow (brain hemisphere synchronization) and in turn, the mind is apt to freely roam and explore Universal knowledge.

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