Wholistix Wellness Shoppe

Wholistix Wellness Shoppe
2085 50 th Ave, Red Deer, T4R 1Z4, Alberta, Canada
CALL US: 403-346-3393
Email: alive@wholistix.ca

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In-Store Bestseller Products Sampler

Here's a photo gallery of a few items of the hundreds of items available at Wholistix smiley

Full Range Statuary for your Sacred Space such as Metatron Archangel Oracle of 7 Energies by Baron-Reid August 2020 New Release Statuary Celtic Cross Raven Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl For Sound Therapy Mountain Sky Natural Soaps Made In CanadaAromatherapy Natural Essential Oils And DiffusersAssorted DreamcatchersQuality IncenseTarot Oracle Card DecksTarot Oracle Card DecksMedicine Card Deck Jamie Sams


Om Sound Therapy Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Chakra ChimeHimalayan Salt Lamps TherapySound Therapy Items Woodstock Chimes And GongsSound Therapy Tibetan Singing BowlRainbow Maker PrismsQuartz Crystal Energy ToolsNatural Factors Earth Sea Vitamins

Buddha Zen And Meditation Fairy TarotCrystal Chakra Energy Healing BookHoney Beeswax Candles Made In Canada