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Reiki Classes   Care of Bettina  # 403-357-9433
Reiki Level 1 (  2 night course $111 starts at 6 pm )
Reiki Level 2 (  2 night course $111 starts at 6 pm  ) 
Reiki 3 Master Class
( Please touch base with Bettina  403-357-9433 )

Visit Bettina's Website or Call Wholistix For More Info ( Please Preregister )

Reiki like that of several other wholistic wellness modalities, promotes whole body mind spirit health, wellness, and enlightenment, for advancing the self to a pinancle state of consciousness, hence, a prime way for living life with mindful, meaningful and colorful joy, while attracting and manifesting "all things are possible" --- like that of divine cosmic magic and more!
Reiki means “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Energy”  


Path Of Your Soul Intuition Course    Care of Lana #  403-352-7279
A 2 Evening Course, Designed for your weekend convenience (  $144 -- Please Preregister ) 2020 Dates TBA

Enhance Your Souls Path with spiritual tools for intuitive psychic abilities, along with enhancing the wise sense of "Trust" -- Explore effective techninques for grounding, protecting and releasing / letting go of what no longer serves your highest good -- Hands-on practice with divination dowsing tools such as pendulums, oracle cards and crystal gemstones, along with a guided meditation for connecting with your spirit guides and animal guides connection -- A dynamic course, sure to activate the many universal treasures within your whole magical self! --  Create a healthy and happy Life! -- Your Souls Path at its magical best!


Meditation & Cacao Ceremony
( Includes Ceremonial Cacao )  Care of Christa # 403-872-4636
   2020 Dates To Be Announced -- $22 -- Please Preregister

Join Us For A  Meditation & Cacao Ceremony Designed For Activating & Enhancing The Heart Chakra, Along With Creating Mindful Intentions For Attracting & Manifesting Your "Hope Dreams Wishes Come True" --- This Magical Evening Includes :An Open Discussion Of The Energy Effects of "Astrological Alignments" ; Proceeded With A Cacao Ceremony ( a Yummy Sacred Heart Elixar Superfood is Served With Ceremony ) ; Followed By A Guided Meditation With Crystal Bowl Sound Bath --- Soulful Blessings!


Chakra Care Energy Session
An Intuitive Chakra Energy Session Along With Colour Energy Chromalive Therapy For A Healthy Balance, Recharge and Rejuvenate Your Whole Body Mind Spirit And Soul   Care of Wendy  # 587-877-4783
1 Hour Session -- Please book in advance

Now Available! -- Chakra Care Energy Session with Wendy, here at Wholistix Wellness Shoppe



Featured Choices

Mindful Selection of Gemstone And Sacred Holy Wood Prayer Mala Beads Along With Full Variety of Meditation / Ceremonial Items.

Gemstone and Sacred Holy Wood Prayer Mala Beads

An Array Of Hand-Crafted Gemstone Dreamcatchers Created By Monague Native Crafts Of BC Canada

Dreamcatchers And Native Arts Made In Canada by Monague Crafts

A Healthy Selection Of Natural Bee & Beeswax products: Candles, Ceremonial and Chakra Candles, Pure Beeswax For Bodycare, Remedy Skin Cream, Ear Candles, Including Quality Raw Honey, Bee Pollen and Propolis, Are Canadian Products.

Natural Beeswax candles, ear cone candles, ceremony and chakra candles, raw honey and more

Rumi Meditations Of Enter Into The Divine Heart -- CD Audio Guidance Of Beautiful Artist Alana Fairchild.

Rumi Meditations

Native Heart Healing Oracle Card Deck
Sacred Mandalas For Raising Your Vibration.

Native Heart Healing Oracle

Wholesome Pure Incense By Monague Native Crafts, Created In Canada:
Cedar, Vanilla Sweetgrass, Sage, WildFlowers, And More!

Monague Native Crafts And Incense Made In Canada

The Boreal Herbal Book
Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North, By Holistic Herbalist Beverley Gray -- Whitehorse, Yukon, of Canada.

Boreal Herbal Book

New Choices of Gemstone Jewelry Bracelets, Pendants And Rings, Including locally crafted lava beaded aromatherapy bracelets. Whether for colour, aura, chakra, and gemstone energy therapy; you're sure to resonate with these happy energy gems!

Gemstone Lava Aromatherapy Bracelets And Jewelry