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Reiki Classes   Care of Bettina  # 403-357-9433
Reiki Level 1 (  2 night course $111 starts at 6 pm )
Reiki Level 2 (  2 night course $111 starts at 6 pm  ) 
Reiki 3 Master Class
( Please touch base with Bettina  403-357-9433 )

Visit Bettina's Website or Call Wholistix For More Info ( Please Preregister )

Reiki like that of several other wholistic wellness modalities, promotes whole body mind spirit health, wellness, and enlightenment, for advancing the self to a pinancle state of consciousness, hence, a prime way for living life with mindful, meaningful and colorful joy, while attracting and manifesting "all things are possible" --- like that of divine cosmic magic and more!
Reiki means “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Energy”  


Path Of Your Soul Intuition Course    Care of Lana #  403-352-7279
A 2 Evening Course, Designed for your weekend convenience (  $144 -- Please Preregister ) 2020 Dates TBA

Enhance Your Souls Path with spiritual tools for intuitive psychic abilities, along with enhancing the wise sense of "Trust" -- Explore effective techninques for grounding, protecting and releasing / letting go of what no longer serves your highest good -- Hands-on practice with divination dowsing tools such as pendulums, oracle cards and crystal gemstones, along with a guided meditation for connecting with your spirit guides and animal guides connection -- A dynamic course, sure to activate the many universal treasures within your whole magical self! --  Create a healthy and happy Life! -- Your Souls Path at its magical best!


Chakra Care Energy Session
An Intuitive Chakra Energy Session Along With Colour Energy Chromalive Therapy For A Healthy Balance, Recharge and Rejuvenate Your Whole Body Mind Spirit And Soul   Care of Wendy  # 587-877-4783
1 Hour Session -- Please book in advance

Now Available! -- Chakra Care Energy Session with Wendy, here at Wholistix Wellness Shoppe